Managed Services

Our Managed Services package is BAMITS's 'outsourcing service' and is an excellent way to assist our clients by delivering all their internal IT business needs. What makes this particular service unique is that it greatly reduces (and often removes) the need for expensive internal IT resources normally dedicated to maintaining and improving IT systems in a business. If this sounds like a service that could benefit your business, then BAMITS's Managed Services could be the right service solution for you.

BAMITS's Managed Services package has been specifically designed to benefit those clients who wish to reduce their internal IT dependency or resource allocation by outsourcing either a portion of, or the total responsibility for their IT solutions delivery.

As part of our delivery, BAMITS is capable of tailoring this particular service to ensure the individual needs of our clients are achieved regardless of the amount of outsourcing required.

At BAMITS we pride ourselves on delivering easy to understand and easy to apply service packages to suit any operational need and budget, regardless of size or industry. In keeping with this philosophy, we have designed a series of four key standardised packages, easily adapted to suit your needs and specifically designed to add an extra layer of support as it's needed (as demonstrated in our Pyramid of Services)